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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Notes Biological Psychology.doc

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PSYC 2240
Ravi Naimpally

Biological Psychology Chapter 6 Notes Vision Module 61 Visual Coding General Principles of PerceptionStore information in terms of responses by neurons which neurons respond amount of response and timing Ex light and soundLaw of specific nerve energies when neurons are activeimpulses in one neuron indicates light and impulses in another neuron indicate sound Auditory nerves as soundsOlfactory nerves as odors From Neuronal Activity to PerceptionNerves impulses do not arrive in patterns that look like the original scene The Eye and Its Connections to the BrainPupil where light enters the eye through an opening in the center of the irisLens adjustable Cornea nonadjustable Retina rear surface of the eye lined with visual receptors Route Within the Retina Bipolar Cells located closer to the center of the eyemessages go from retina to receptors at the back of the eye to bipolar cellsGanglion Cells Bipolar cells send messages to these cellsLocated even closer to the center of the eye Axons of these cells travel back to the brainAmacrine cells get information from bipolar cells and send it to other bipolar amarcrine and ganglion cellsConsequence is that light passes through ganglion and bipolar cells to the receptors but these cells are transparent and pass through cells without distortion Optic Nerve What the ganglion cells axons formExits at the back of the eyeBlind SpotPoint at which the Optic Nerves leave because no receptors Where blood vessels enter and leaveFovea and Periphery of the RetinaFoveapit tiny area specialized for acute detailed vision ex Looking at details such asletters on this page you fixate them on the fovea Receptor in fovea connects to bipolar cell which connects to ganglion cell which has an axon to the brain
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