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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Notes Biological Psychology.doc

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PSYC 2240
Ravi Naimpally

Biological PsychologyChapter 7 The Other Sensory Systems bats locate insect prey by echoes from sonar wavesour olfactory systems are unresponsive to gases that we dont need to detect eg carbon dioxide but highly responsive to the smell of rotting meat Module 71 AuditionPhysical and Psychological Dimensions of SoundSound waves are periodic compressions f air water or other mediaSounds waves vary in amplitude and frequency Amplitude of sound wave is its intensity Loudnesssensation related to amplitude but not identical to itEx Rapidly talking person sounds louder than slow music of the same physical amplitudePeople in advertisement sound louder because they talk fasterFrequency number of compressions per secondmeasured in hertz Hz cycles per second Pitch related to aspect of perceptionHigh frequency sounds are higher pitch Height of each wave corresponds to amplitude and the number of waves per second corresponds tofrequencyAdult humans hear sounds ranging from 15Hz to less than 20000Hz Ability to perceive high frequencies decreases with age and exposure to loud noises Structures of the EarOuter ear middle ear and the inner earPinnaOuter Ear flesh and cartilage attached to each side of the head Helps us locate the source of soundRabbits have larger pinna that localize sound even more precisely Tympanic Membrane After sound waves pass through the auditory canal they strike thisAlso called eardrum in middle earVibrates at the same frequency as the sound waves that strike it Connects to three tiny bones that transmit vibrations to oval canalOval Canal membrane of inner ear tiny bones hammer anvil stirrup Stirrup connects to oval window Vibrations in tympanic membrane transform into forceful vibrations of the smaller stirrup
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