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Bio Basis Ch 11

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York University
PSYC 2240
Pauline Charlton

Reproductive Behaviors Sexual reproduction is used to create variation and create evolutionary adaptations to environments it also corrects errors 111 sex and hormones Steroid hormones contain four carbon rings and come from cholesterol Estrogen progesterone and androgens are all steroid hormones comes from gonads Androgens male hormones which include testosterone Estrogen includes estradiol which is the female hormoneProgesterone female hormone that readies the uterus for implantation of ovum during pregnancy The sex hormones enter cells and activate proteins the cytoplasm and they bind to receptors of different chromosomes where they activate or inactivate genes Organizing effects of sex hormones Organizing effects occurs mostly at sensitive stages of development well before the birth of humans determines whether the brain and body will be M or FActivating effects occurs at any point in life and is when a hormones temporarily activates a reponse effects last longer on the organ then the amount of time the hormone is on the organ but they dont last foreverDuring puberty we have longlast structural changes as well as having activating effects Sex differences in the gonads Females have XX men have XY During prenatal development M and Fs have Mullerian Ducts and Wolffian ducts they also have primitive gonadsThe Y chromosome on M has SRY genes sex determinate in Y chromosome which causes the primitive gonad to become testes and produces testosterone to increase development of the testes
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