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Ch 1 of Bio Basis

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PSYC 2240
Pauline Charlton

Bio Psychology chapter 1 the major issues bio psychologists relate behaviour to genetics and physiology 11 the mindbrain relationshipbiological psychology study of the physiological evolutionary and developmental mechanisms of behaviour and experiencetop view of the brain dorsal view bottom of brain ventral viewneurons and gila of the brain can create an enormous amount of behaviour and experiences Biological explanations of behaviour there are four biological explanations to behaviorphysiological behaviour is related to the brain and other organs ie the brain sending out hormones which causes you to act a certain way ontogenetic describes how the structure of behavior develops ie a persons genes interactions nutrition and experiences evolutionary the history of our structure of the body and behaviours ie we do not use the tail bone any longer but we still have it functional describes WHY a structure or behaviour developed the way it did ie for survival or protection like camouflage The brain and conscious experience what is the relationship between the mindbody dualism the idea of nonscientist that the mind and body are not one entityDescartes said that the both do exist and interact ONCE at the smallest point in thebrain pineal gland but that is allmost current philosophers and scientist reject this idea because of the law of matter and energy in physics
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