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Chapter 1

Ch. 1 - Behavioral Research and the Scientific Method.pdf

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York University
PSYC 2520
Josee Rivest

Ch. 1 - Behavioral Research and the Scientific Method Monday, October 29, 201:00 PM PSYC2520:Introductionto ExperimentalPsychology BeginningBehavioralResearch:A ConceptualPrimer(7thEd.2012)Rosnow& Rosenthal Chapter1: BehavioralResearchand the ScientificMethod • Science ○ Empiricism ○ Regulative principle ○ Extra-empirical factors (beyond our ability to observe)  Rhetoric of justification (technical language)  Perceptibility (using analogies to explain complicated phenomena)  Aesthetics (“beauty” or “elegance” in science) ○ Limitations  Universal laws are based partly on a leap of faith because we simply cannot observe everything (e.g., objects in motion will stay in motion forever) • Pierce’s four methods for the formation of beliefs ○ 1) Method of tenacity  Stubbornly and mindlessly clinging to myth, folklore, and superstition ○ 2) Method of authority  Complying with the word of authority ○ 3) A priori method  Use of reason and logic to make sense of things ○ 3) Scientific Method • Empirical Reasoning-- a combination of careful logic, orga
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