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Chapter 2

Ch. 2 - From Hunches to Testable Hypotheses.pdf

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York University
PSYC 2520
Josee Rivest

Ch. 2 - From Hunches to Testable Hypotheses Tuesday, October 30, 21:00 AM PSYC 2520: Introduction to Experimental Psychology Beginning Behavioral Research: A Conceptual Primer (7th Ed. 2012) Rosnow& Rosenthal Chapter 2: From Hunches to Testable Hypotheses • Correlation does not imply causation • Causation necessarily implies a correlation • The Context of Discovery ○ 1) Coming up with leads  Look for leads in the discussion section of research reports ○ 2) Doing a literature search ○ 3) Defining variables & concepts ○ 4) Recasting leads into testable hypotheses ○ 5) Pulling the work together into a research proposal • Four hypothesis-generating heuristics: ○ 1) Explaining paradoxical incidents in testable ways ○ 2) Recognizing potential hypotheses in analogies, metaphors, figures of speech ○ 3) Identifying conflicting conclusions for empirical adjudication ○ 4) Improving on older ideas • Serendipity-- A lucky discovery • Operational Definitions-- Identify variables on the basis of the empirical conditions (operations) that are u
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