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Published on 1 Feb 2013
PSYC 2520: Introduction to Experimental Psychology
Beginning Behavioral Research: A Conceptual Primer (7th Ed. 2012) Rosnow & Rosenthal
Chapter 2: From Hunches to Testable Hypotheses
Correlation does not imply causation
Causation necessarily implies a correlation
Look for leads in the discussion section of research reports
1) Coming up with leads
3) Defining variables & concepts
4) Recasting leads into testable hypotheses
5) Pulling the work together into a research proposal
The Context of Discovery
1) Explaining paradoxical incidents in testable ways
2) Recognizing potential hypotheses in analogies, metaphors, figures of speech
3) Identifying conflicting conclusions for empirical adjudication
4) Improving on older ideas
Four hypothesis-generating heuristics:
Serendipity-- A lucky discovery
Operational Definitions-- Identify variables on the basis of the empirical conditions (operations) that are used to measure or manipulate the variables
Can be found in APA Dictionary of Psychology
Theoretical Definitions-- Assign the meaning of terms abstractly or generally
Construct Validity-- Establishing the relation of a concept to variables with which it should, theoretically, be associated positively, negatively, or not at
Testable (operational)
Succinct (coherent and parsimonious)
Theoretically appealing
A good working hypothesis is:
Theories are sets of statements, generally including some hypotheses, connected by a logical argument
Manipulated by the researcher
Should have an effect on the measurements
Independent Variable (X)
The variable that is measured
Dependent Variable (Y)
1) Describes the objective of the research
2) Describes the background and hypotheses of the proposed investigation
3) Describes the proposed sample of participants, method, and data analysis
4) Describes the ethics of the proposed plan of investigation
Four components of a research proposal:
Ch. 2 - From Hunches to Testable Hypotheses
Tuesday, October 30, 2012
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