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Chapter 9

Ch. 9 - Introduction to the t statistic.docx

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PSYC 2530
Anne Russon

Ch. 9 - Introduction to t Sunday, November 11, 2012 5:56 PM PSYC 2530 Introductory Statistics Chapter 9: Introduction to the t statistic  A t test is used in 2 general situations: o 1) To determine the effect of a treatment on a population mean o 2) The population mean is unknown     o o Provides an estimate of the standard distance between a sample mean, M, and the population mean, . µ  o The t statistic is used to test hypotheses about an unknown population mean, µ, when the value of σ is unknown o The formula for the t statistic has the same structure as the z-score, except that the t statistic uses the estimated standard error in the variance   o  A t distribution is the complete set of t values computed for every possible random sample for a specific sample size (n) or a specific degrees of freedom (df). The t distribution approximates the shape of a normal distribution.  If df (and sample size) is large , t distribution approximates normal  If df is small, t distribution is flatter/spread out   Assumptions of the t test: o 1) The scores in the sample must consist of independent observations o 2) The populati
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