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Chapter 10

Ch. 10 - Independent Measures t Test.docx

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PSYC 2530
Anne Russon

Ch. 10 - Independent Measures t Test Monday, November 12, 2012 2:51 PM PSYC 2530 Introductory Statistics Chapter 10: The t Test for Two Independent Samples  Independent-measures t test is used for: o Between-subjects design  A research condition that uses a separate group of participants for each treatment condition (or for each population) is called an independent- measures research design or a between-subjects research design o Researcher has no prior knowledge about either of the two populations/treatments that are being compared o Population means ( ) and standard deviations ( σ are all unknown  Three assumptions must be met before using the independent-measures t formula: o 1) The observations within each sample must be independent o 2) The two populations from which the samples are selected must be normal o 3) The two populations from which the samples are selected must have equal variances (homogeneity of variance)  Goal: to evaluate the mean difference between two populations (or between two treatment conditions)  Hypotheses for independent-measures test: o o  The independent-measures t test uses the difference between two sample means to evaluate a hypothesis about the difference between two population means o    df for the independent-measures t statistic: o o o o  Sample data Hypothesized Estimated Sample Variance Estimated Cohen's % of variance Population Standard Error
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