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York University
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Alexandra Rutherford

Chapter 7 History of PsychologyPsychology was being indigenized adopted in USBehaviorism was one form of the indigenized American psychologythe period between wars of psychology was known as neobehaviorismWHO OWNS PSYCHOLOGYPsychologists were writing their theories but failing at their publishing since they were claiming to own psychologyand failing at it In 1920s both disciplinary and popular psychologies were becoming popularConsumerismwas also emerging which transformed American identity into that of consumerORGANIZATION AND COOPERATIONAPA American Psychological Associationwas the only true organization of psychologists in US after WWI endedThe members within the organization kept on increasingIn the period between the wars the applied work of psychologists fell into 4 distinctive areasi Clinicalii Consulting iii Educationaliv IndustrialBusinessA similar organization known as the American Association of Applied Psychology AAAP emerged This organization dealt with education training standards etcTwo other organizations were formed in frustration with APA and to solve social problems i PsychologistsLeagueii Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues SPSSICooperation among scientists during WW1 had been valuable to the war effort and the scientistsJames Rowland Angell promoted the value of cooperative research as a method of increasing productivity and efficiencyTHE KINGDOM OF BEHAVIOR MAINTREAM PSYCHOLOGY 19201940Many mainstream psychologists at the time were studying about stimulus and response Studying rats specially albino rodent Rattus norvegicus var albinus in an enclosed space became popular in the North American Psychology labs for 60 yearsNeobehaviorismwas introduced which was based on
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