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Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Cognitive Disorders.docx

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PSYC 3140
Stephen Fleming

Chapter 15 Cognitive Disorders Perspectivescognitive disorders develop much later in lifethree classes of cognitive disorders I delirium temporary condition displayed as confusion and disorientation II dementia progressive condition marked by gradual deterioration of a broad range of cognitive abilities III amnestic disorders dysfunctions of memory due to a medical condition or a drug or toxinThe DSMIVTR label of cognitive disorders reflects a shift in the way these disorders are viewed o In previous editions of the DSM they were defined as organic mental disorders organic meaning brain damagedysfunction o Once the term organic was dropped the label cognitive disorders signifies that their predominantfeature is the impairment of such cognitive abilities as memory attention perception and thinkingincidence of disability due to cognitive functions memory and speech rises with increasing age highest rate with 65the prevalence of disability due to psychological problems does not follow this age pattern rates decline after 65 DeliriumDelirium impaired consciousness and cognition during the course of several hours or days one of the earliest recognized mental disorders Clinical Description and Statisticappear confused disoriented and out of touch with their surroundingsmarked impairments in memory and languagerapid on setestimated to be present in as many as 10 percent to 30 percent of the people who come intoemergency roomsAccording to a study common risk factors for delirium in older patients include dementia medication and medical illnesssubsides relatively quickly with full recovery expected in most cases within several weeks
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