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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 abnormal psyc - anxiety disorders.docx

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PSYC 3140
Michael Luther

CHAPTER 5 – Anxiety Disorders - 3 distinctive components of emotion: physiological, cognitive, and behavioural. - Physiological component: involves changes in the nervous system resulting in respiratory, cardiovascular, and muscular changes in the body (heart rate, breathing rate, muscle tone). - Cognitive component: includes alterations in consciousness (e.g: in attention levels) and specific thoughts a person may have while experiencing a particular emotion. - Behavioural responses: consequences of certain emotions. E.g wanting to leave after experiencing a panic attack. - The three components of emotional states are highly interrelated, and each affects the other two. - Anxiety: an affective state where a person feels threatened by the possible occurrence of a future negative event. It is a future oriented phenomenon. - Fear: is a more “primitive” emotion in the sense that it occurs in response to something that is a real or perceived current threat. Fear is a present oriented phenomenon. - Fight or flight response: behavioural response that is often triggered by fear and prompts a person (or organism) to either flee from a dangerous situation or stand and fight. o Physiological symptoms involved: increased heart rate, muscle tension, and breathing rate. This reaction is the body’s method of preparing to respond to danger. - Panic: an extreme fear reaction that is triggered even though there is nothing to be afraid of (false alarm). It shares the same physiological and be
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