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Abnormal Psychology 3

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PSYC 3140
Alexandra Rutherford

1Abnormal Chapter 3Classifying Abnormality in Diagnosis assessment and researchDiagnoses Greek for apartto knowAssessmentgathering info abt a client in order to make a diagnosisAdvantages and Limitation of DiagnosisADS1 Classifying allows clinicians and others to research effectively2 Classifying facilitates research on thecauses of disorder3 Classifying facilitates research on thetreatments effectivenessClassifications referred to as I taxonomyOnly good in medicine when effective and accurateOverlaps and inconsistencies in patients cause confusion not black n white Szazhumanistcategorizing harms more than helpsDehumanize ppl oversimplify stigmatizing labelsAPAstandard for psychopathologyDSM diagnostic statistic manual use reliability and validity ReliabilityconsistencyValidityaccuracy of the diagnosisReliabilityConsistency is key in diagnosing and classifyingHarder in mental disorder than in medical Usually rests in judgement of clinicianCan interjudge reliabilityinterrate agreement of othersTest retest reliability retests showingsStatistic correlationbw judges and bw tests and retest resultsHigher correlation higher reliabilityValidityAfter reliable test accuracy is in questionCould be consistently wrongIQ test are reliable but are they valid not so clearTest taking ability to blame culture tooLike lie detectors same caseNot easy to have reliability and validity at same timeIn order to increase reliability some simplification neededcausing less accuracyEx in anorexiaMost fall in gray area forme frustaincomplete expression of disorderThe continuumis key in the challenge for validreliable diagnosisSome likedimensional systemTo what degree does one have it
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