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Chapter 10

Abnormal Psychology chapter 10

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York University
PSYC 3140
Alexandra Rutherford

1Chapter 10Sex Gender and Sexual DisordersDefining Sexual DisordersContinuum bw normal and abnormal sexuality context importanceMental disorder is dependent on context ie someone stripping for money vs someone changing sex just perception of allowed and not actionsCultural and historical relativism in defining and classifying sexual disordersMasturbation and homosexuality different in historiesDr Elders was fired for mentioning masturbation be discussed in schools in 94th19 century ppl were considered ill if they masturbated now the norm1700s treatise abt harms of masturbationBenj rush a father of psychiatry also against masturbation considering it damagingGrahams and kellogs to dull excitabilities and deter them from masturbatingHomosexuality was in dsm until 73 insteadego dystonic homosexualityunwantedDue to many factors it changed views on homosexualityLater ego dystonic homosexuality was removed as it had homophobic prejudiceNorms change quickly and can vary tooChina removed homosexuality from their diagnoses in 2001Liberalism allows for exhibition of their right to express while other cultures hide like dhatClassifying sexual disordersRoots of abnormality in mid 1800s and medical zed sexuality before it was not studied much due to its sin natureDr Richard vo Kraft ebings in Germany 1886organized sexual pathology into sexual sadism masochism fetishism Influenced many to study sexuality like Freud who incorporated it in his causes for neurosisFreudperversions were formed when sexual development got fixated at stagesResist or defence neuroses are negatives of perversionsSympathetic attitude for homo developmental fixation2DSM 4 categoriesDisorders in which their symptoms are sexualIe fear of horses due to root cause of sexual conflict isnt sex disorder3 groups in dsm1Sexual dysfunctionspersistent problems with interest arousal and orgasmCommon and psychbiological causes treatableKaplans Normal sexual response sexual interest arousal orgasm resolutionSlightly altered masters n Johnsons works of the 70sSexual dysfunctions are persistent problems at any stage minus resolutionYoung causes sexual inexperience or lack of sex infoPerformance anxiety and spectatoring causesNondemand pleasuringno focus on orgasm discussing both help fixEmotional conflicts also affect sexual functions psych interventions to fix tooBiologically many illnesses can contribute to dysfunctions inhibiting sympathetic can affect orgasm and inhibitions of parasympathetic can affect arousal1Sexual desire disordersDiagnostic criteriaDesire disordersHypoactive sexual desire deficient fantasies causing distressSexual aversionextreme aversion to genital sex contact causing distress1Hypoactive sexual desireLack of interest in sex 10 women 3 men rates increasing for menPressing need for more research on this topicCommon symptom of medical illness and mental illnessesSide effects of some antidepressantsMenopause can decrease desire 2sexual aversionMore extreme form of disinterest in sex
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