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Chapter 3

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PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

Chapter 3 - Inter rater reliability – the degree to which two independent observers agree - Test retest reliability – measure the extent to which people being observed twice or taking the same test, score in the SAME WAY - Alternate form reliability – extent to which score on two forms are consistent o Same test but different questions, adds some difference but maintains consistency - Internal consistency reliability – whether items on attest are related to one another - Correlations can be made Validity - Criterion validity – does it measure what its supposed to - Context validity – whether a measure of samples meets a domain of interest - Construct – when we want to interpret a test as a measure of some characteristic or construct - Clinical interviews, the interviewer pays attention to how the respondent answers or does not answer - Standardization – when statistical norms for a test can be established from the data collected - Personality inventory – person completes a self report questionnaire o The MMPI  Minnesota Multiphasic personality inventory  Detects a number of psychological problems  Used to screen large groups of people - Projective test – psychological assessment device in which a set of standard stimuli allow variation in responses for the individual o Client’s responses will be determined primarily by unconscious processes  Projective hypothesis o Rorschahc inkblot test o Thematic apperception test IQ - Constitute intelligence, language skills, abstract thinking, attention - 100 is the mean - 15 SD - Could be stereotypes or racial problems with this o Stereotype threat  Score fluctuate out of concerns about how information will be used according to seteotypes of a particular group - Cognitive behavioural case formulation – emphasis on cognitive events such as peopl
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