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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Mood Disorders

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PSYC 3140
Stephen Fleming

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Chapter 7Mood DisordersGroup of disorders involving severe and enduring disturbances in emotionality ranging from elation to severe depressionCharacterized by gross deviations in moodExperiences of depression and mania contribute either singly or together to all mood disordersMajor Depressive EpisodeMost severe depressionAn extremely depressed mood state that lasts at least two weeks and includes oCognitive symptoms feelings of worthlessness and indecisiveness and oDisturbed physical functions altered sleeping patterns significant changes in appetite and weight notable loss of energyTo the point that even the slightest activity or movement requires an overwhelming effortMarked general loss of interest and of the ability to experience any pleasure of life anhedoniaAverage duration if left untreated is 9 monthsManiaAbnormally exaggerated elation joy or euphoriaIndividuals find extreme pleasure in every activityContinuous sexual orgasmExtraordinarily active hyperactiveLittle sleep requiredMay develop grandiose plansbelieving they can accomplish anything they desireFlight of ideasrapid speech become incoherentattempts to express many exciting ideas at onceCriteria for a manic episode require a duration of one week less if hospitalization is requiredoHospitalization if engaging in selfdestructive buying spreeAverage duration if left untreated is 26 monthsHypomanic EpisodeLess severe version of a manic episode that does not cause marked impairment in social or occupational functioningIf an individual experiences either depression or mania they are said to have unipolar mood disorderSomeone who alternates between depression and mania is said to have bipolar mood disorderDysphoric Manic or Mixed EpisodeCondition in which the individual experiences both elation and depression or anxiety at the same timeDepressive DisordersMajor Depressive Disorder Single EpisodeMood disorder involving one single episode of major depressive episodeThe absence of manic or hypomanic episodes before or during the episodeAn occurrence of one isolated depressive episode in a lifetime is rareMajor Depressive Disorder RecurrentIf two or more major depressive episodes occurred and were separated by at least two months during which the individual was not depressedIndividuals with recurrent major depression usually have a family history of depressionDysthymic disordershares many of the symptoms of major depressive disorder but differs in its coursePersistently depressed mood that continues for at least two years during which the patient cannot be symptomfree for more than two months at a timeThe symptoms are somewhat milder but remain relatively unchanged over long periods of time20 or 30 years or moreSymptoms are milder and fewer but last longerDouble DepressionSuffer from major depressive episodes and dysthymic disorderTypically dysthymic disorder develops firstThe mean age of onset for major depressive disorder is 25 years for patients not in treatment and 29 years of age for patients who are in treatmentAdolescent onset of depression is associated with 1Greater chronicity it lasts longer2Relatively poor prognosis response to treatment3A stronger likelihood of the disorder running in the family of the affected individualPathological grief reactionImpacted Grief ReactionExtreme reaction to the death of a loved one that involves psychotic features suicidal ideation or severe loss of weight or energy or that persists more than two months Bipolar DisordersThe tendency of manic episodes to alternate with major depressive episodesUnending roller coaster ride from the peaks of elation to the depths of despairBipolar I Disorder
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