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Abnormal Psych Ch 2

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PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

Contemporary Theories of Abnormality Albert Ellis created the rationalemotive theory by desensitizing himself about publicly speaking and speaking to women Theory set of ideas that allows people to ask questions about a phenomenon and allows gathering of info on the phenomenon Three approaches to theories are biological psychological things are rooted from childhood or ones belief system and social looking at ones interpersonal or environmental rsSome people debate that a disorder develops only from one of these approaches known as the naturenurture debate Vulnerabilitystress models integrative model that many different factors can be a cause to a disorder both being vulnerable and having stressestriggers based on different factors The vulnerability and trigger have to come together in order for someone to have a full blown disorder feedback effects can be a cause to a disorder so you may have a genetic disposition for anger which causes you to be irritable to your friends which causes them to be angry towards you and reject you that makes you more angry which then increases the chemicals in your brain 11 Biological approaches Pheinis Gage was someone who had a iron rod cast through his skull and brain he was able to function like normally after the incident but became an impulsive and socially inappropriate man following the accident his emotional control was not intact even if his intellectual control was bc damage was found to be in the cerebral cortex There are three biological approaches to abnormality structural damage biochemical imbalances and genetic abnormalities Structural brain abnormalitiesPeople who suffer damagelesions to the brain often show psychological problems based on the location of the damage Cerebral cortex damage leads to problems with advanced thinking processes
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