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Abnormal Psych Ch 4

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PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

Ch 4 Assessing and diagnosing abnormality Assessment gathering and finding causes to those symptoms Diagnosis use assessment materials to label the set of symptoms that occur together 41 gathering information 3 types of information 1 symptoms and history Questions include how certain symptoms effect ones ability to function in their different life domains Having a serious psych disorder requires symptoms affecting the persons ability to function in daily life Another question to ask is how is the person coping with the stresses and symptoms of their problem and also ones recent eventsand whether they could have been theonset of the symptoms if something is triggered by a specific event instead of just being gradually created it can lead to a different prognosis and different treatments to the symptoms Finally ones history of psychological problems and family history with disorders are both important assessments could have genetic roots 2 physiological and neurophysiological factors A physical examination should be used before diagnosing someone with a psychological disorder since the disorder maybe due to medical conditions a brain tumor or someone experiencing depression bc of a thyroid disorder Drug use illegal or legal is also important when determining a diagnosis taking or withdrawing from certain drugs can cause psychological symptoms also it is important to know if someone is taking drugs not to be prescribed other drugs that could harm the person The clients cognitive functioning and intellectual abilities are also assessed to make a differential diagnosis when someone has signs that could be related to more than one disorder or can also be based on certain cognitive deficits
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