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Chapter 1

Abnormal Psych (Can edition) Chapter 1: Abnormal Psych: An Overview

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York University
PSYC 3140
Leah Shapira

Chapter 1 Abnormal Psychology An overviewFamily Aggregation whether a disorder runs in families we must know family history in order to diagnose the problemWhat do we mean by Abnormal Behaviory The elements of abnormality Suffering depressed people clearly suffer and also people with anxiety Maladaptiveness behavior that is not common anorexia not eatingDeviancy to act different from societies normViolation of the Standards of Society fail to follow social and moral rulesSocial Discomfort People around the person feels uncomfortableIrrationality and Unpredictability sudden behavior that makes one uncomfortableBOX 11 MAGNETS y Experiments about magnetic bracelets groups of individuals with Repetitive stress injury RSI were randomly assigned to 1 of 3 groups Group 1 had to wear magnetic bracelets group 2 had to wear bracelets but the magnets were removed without their knowledge group 3 did not receive anythingy A doubleblind procedure of not the experimenter who was working with the participant not the participant knew who got the genuine magnets The wristband group without the magnets was also known as the placebo group because no real treatment was provided just pretendedy Results those who wore the bracelet with the genuine magnet had pain diminish they also typed and average of 19 more words on the second typing test then the first testretesty The second group also reported an improvement even though there tests had no magnets and was fake they reported feeling better and had an improvement average of 26 words more than test 1y The third group reported no change Why we need to Classify Disorders y Classifying provides us with nomenclature naming system that allows us to structure info BOX 13 GENEROSITY y Zell Kravinsky a very wealthy man who refused to spend his money on fancy things He began to donate his money to charities he decided his purpose in life was to give things so he essentially gave away all his 45 million dollar fortuney After he gave all his money he considered giving organ donations when he learned he could live with one kidney he decided he wanted to give his kidney awayHe gave its away and continued to think what else he could give Some find him mad
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