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Chapter 2

Abnormal Psychology (Can Edition) Chapter 2: Historical and Temporary Views of Abnormal Behavior

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PSYC 3140
Leah Shapira

Chapter 2Historical and Contemporary Views of Abnormal Behavior Historical Views of Abnormal Behavior y Earliest treatment of mental disorders terrible headaches and convulsive attacks was trephening which consisted of chipping away at the skull so the demons could escape Demonology Gods and Magic y The primary type of treatment for demonic possession was exorcism which included various techniques for casting evils spirits out These techniques included magic prayer incantation noisemaking and horrible tasting concoctions made from sheep dung and wine HippocratesEarly Medical Concepts y Hippocrates is referred to as the father of modern medicine he denied that deities and demons intervened in the development of illness and insisted that mental disorders Likeand needed appropriate treatment other diseases had natural causesy He classified all disorders into 3 categoriesManiaMelancholiaPhrenitis brain fever y Hippocrates claimed dreams were very important in understanding a patients personality He also believes in the importance of the environment and removed his patients from their families y He believed hysteria was restricted to women and was caused by uterus wondering tohe proposed marriage to be the best cure various parts of the body pining for children Early Philosophical Concepts y Plato claimed theft could be associated with disease and their acts should not be punished y His ideas for treatment included provision for hospital care for individuals that felt crazy and they should be treated with talking comparable to psychotherapy that would promote health of their souls y Aristotle believed in disturbance of bile ex very hot bile generated amorous desires verbal fluency and suicidal impulses BOX 21 HysteriaMelancholiay Hysteria referred to as conversion disorder was looked at as being a disease of the uterus which in Greek terms refers to stomach or belly Those who had hysteria which were considered mostly women The body would shut of respiration and closed the tissue from air y Melancholia also known as depression was found by first a female by the name Hildegard von Bingen who was awarded by the pope for her efforts in understanding the meaning of depression which some findings have continued today
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