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Abnormal Psych Ch 7

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York University
PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

Anxiety disordersBoth david beckham and howie mandel suffer from OCD Anxiety consists of 4 symptoms physiologicalsomatic goosebumps or muscle tension emotional terror restlessness cognitive problems fear of losing control exaggerations and behavioral symptoms decrease eating avoidance People who have an adaptive fear have adaptive responses to threats differ from people with maladaptive anxieties examples include People that have maladaptive anxiety have unrealistic concerns of reality they are anxious about things which cant hurt them but they think can The fear one exhibits is out of proportion to the harm that can be caused w ppl with maladaptive anxietyEven if a threat has passed a maladaptive anxious person is persistent about their anxiety for the future People that have anxiety could have comorbidity w other disorders like depression and schizophrenia but also could have comorbidity with displays of more than one anxiety disorder as well Neurosis when people have anxiety which cannot be lowered using defense mechanisms used w psychoanalysis Children who are neurotic have behavioral inhibitions or ve affects are more likely to develop anxiety disorders in the future if their parents increase their anxiety as well being overprotective or controlling 71 panic disorders Panic attacks short intense periods of anxiety feeling symptoms They have 3 core themes dizziness symptoms cardiorespiratory distress and cognitive factors Around 40 of young adults have panic attacks especially during exam week people can also display panic attacks after being in a traumatic event the attack is usually provoked by something following the event A panic disorder when someone has panic attacks commonly and changes their behavior based on it the attacks are not related to any specific cause in this case Some people who have the disorder think it is a physiological problem some try to ignore it or feel ashamed and others feel they are loosing control and can become depressed Most panic disorders occur during ones late adolescent to mid 30s Theories of panic disordersGenetic theory 30 or 40 of times when a parent has anxiety disorders it is predisposed to the offspringNT and the Brain theories Norepinephrine is found to be poorly regulated in the locus ceruleus there is evidence that 5HT GABA and CCK are also involved w the disorder depending on where the 5HT deficiency is found increases or decrease of the NT can lead to the disorderWomen are more prone to panic attacks during PMS or postperiod times since progesterone levels can cause activity of 5HT and GABA at these times Kindling model of panic disorders there is a lower regulation in the locus cerculeus which causes the panic attack and lowers the threshold for chronic anxiety in the limbic system this causes MORE disregulation in the locus cerculeus causing more frequent panic attacks So people that have a panic disorder are more like to have panic attacks easier than others who exhibit the same discomforts People wpanic disorders seem to have a problem w their fight or flight response bc of problems with 5HT or NE and can operate out of control once it gets going Cognitive Models People prone to the attacks pay close attn to their bodily sensations misinterpret these bodily sensations vely and leads to exaggerations and catastrophic thinking to these symptomsAnxiety sensitivity belief that the symptoms of anxiety have harmful consequences people high in this are more likely to have more attacks and more likely to be diagnosed w an anxiety disorder
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