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Abnormal Psych Ch 11

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PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

Ch 11 schizophrenia Psychosis the inability to determine what is real from what is unreal Schizophrenia is a common psychotic disorder when at times people can think and communicate normally and at other times their thoughts and behaviors are not controlled Development occurs during the late teens or early adult years and can last a lifetime The disorder is very stigmatized and many ppl hide away the disorder if them or their loved ones have it The disorder is more likely to be shown by immigrants than the native born popn Women show fewer cognitive deficits like verbal processing and appear to have the onset later on in life but this maybe not truerefer to lecture 111 symptoms diagnosis and prognosis of schizophrenia Symptomsve symptomsIncludes delusions hallucinations disorganized thoughtspeech and disorganized catatonic behaviour Difference bw a mood disorder w psychotic features and schzo is that ppl w mood disorders will only exhibit ve symptoms during episodes of mania or depression Delusions ideas an individual believes are true but are unlikely or impossible these ideas are implausible they preoccupy the mind of someone w the disorder and they are resistant to people who argue that their thoughts are wrong Persecutory delusions most common type the media displays when ppl believe they are being watched or tormented by ppl they know or ppl they know of but have never come into contact with govt official Delusions of reference believing that random events or comments ppl make are directly only at them a newscaster talking on TVGrandiose delusions idea of being special or having special powers Delusion of thought insertion idea that ones thoughts are being controlled by outside forces Cultural differences can change the way someone with the disorder has delusions Hallucinations when people have unreal perceptual experiences which impact ones daily functioning Auditory hallucinations most common type and found more w women then men is when ppl hear voices or music and can often be associated the person talking back to the voices Visual hallucinations often accompanied w auditory by seeing the person who accompanies the voice Tactile hallucinations perception that something is happening to the outside of ones body ie bugs crawling up their back Somatic hallucinations perception something is happening inside ones body ie Worms are eating ones intestine Clients will interpret hallucinations differently based on their cultural context Disorganized Thought and Speechformal thought disorder slipping from one topic to a unrelated one loosening of associationderailment Word salad the persons speech is so disorganized that it sounds incoherent to the listener Neologisms when the person makes up words that mean something only to him Clangs when the person associates words and answers questions based on the sounds of the words
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