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Abnormal Psych Ch 12

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PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

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Personality ABCs that make us unique personality traits our complex patterns of ABC that is stable across time and situations 121 defining and diagnosing personality disorders Personality disorder pattern of maladaptive ABCs to be diagnosed the person must have shown symptoms since adolescent or early adulthood It is found in Axis II of the DSM and is treated differently than acute disorders but can be comorbid with depression or substance abuse which is what brings attn to themThe criteria for diagnosis are more vague than that of acute disorders and can lead to misapplicationProblems with the dSM categoriesDisorders are treated as categories they should be just extreme versions of normal personality traits There is overlapping criteria for the different personality disorders diagnosis of one tends to meet the diagnosis of anotherhard to get reliable diagnosisDiagnosis required information that is hard to obtain from the clinician hard to get accurate infoSymptoms and severity of them may change over time but the disorders of personality are conceptualized as stable similarly ppl may look like they are suffering an Axis II disorder when in fact they are actually suffering an Axis IOverall bc of the complications research of personality disorders is done less than any other and the confidence of diagnoses are not high at times as well Gender and ethnic biases in construction and application When constructing the disorders can lead to different bias applied diagnoses of ethnic and gender groups differences may not actually occur but clinicians will be more hesitant to diagnosis based on genderethnic stereotypeThe disorders that are characterized as being violent and hostile are more bias towards men the disorders of emotionality and dependence from others are bias towards females Different genders or ethnicities may in fact have the same disorder however it maybe expressed differently based on their certain roles 122 oddEccentric Personality Disorders People w this type show signs of psychotic disorders however have a better grasp on reality schizophrenia spectrum these disorders maybe a precursor to schizo disorders Paranoid personality disorderIncludes an unwarranted and persuasive mistrust of others They are overly sensitive to criticism and try to come up w ppls true intentionPpl can become wdrawn or can become aggressive and arrogant always thinking their thoughts are correct Prevalence and prognosis More likely to appear in malesprognosis is poor and symptoms intensify under stressThey are at risk for other acute disorders depression anxiety substance and psychotic episodesTheories and treatment More common in families w schizophrenia twinadoption studies have not been doneLack of selfconfidencethoughts of others always being deceptive could be the result cognitive theory
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