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Chapter 13

Chapter 13

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PSYC 3170
Jennifer S Mills

CHAPTER 13 HEART DISEASE HYPERTENTION STROKEDIABETESCORONARY HEART DISEASE CHD 2 killer in Canada 15 deaths usually before age 75 prematurePrevalent more recentlyUnderstanding CHDGeneral term for illness caused by atherosclerosis narrowing of arteriesrestricted O 2 nourishmentto heartpain through chestarm called angina pectorisSevere deprivationHAUsually CHDinflammationCreactive protein assesses inflammationmarker of CHDIncreased waist circumferencelow physical activityhigh Creactive proteinMetabolic syndrome predicts HA has 3 of more ofobesity around waist high BP low HDL good cholesterol difficulty metabolizing sugar diabetes risk high triglycerides bad cholesterolGenetic predisposition effected by low SES harsh family conditions stress etcRole of StressHeart disease more common in low SES esp males physical inactivity smoking high cholesterol overweightOccupational stressHigh levels of demand and low levels of controlSocial instability high in industrializedurban areas migrants cultural changeWomen and CHDLeading killer in Canada but most focus is on menMore dangerous for women fewer referred to cardiologist fewer recover etcYoung women protected bc of high HDL levels linked to estrogen but not so after menopause but unclear researchStudy women and men reported chest pain intervention not as important for womenBut women report more CHD symptomsDepressionmetabolic syndromeCHDHostility pessimism angerExperience lower quality of life more anxiety more long term careStudy nurses who kept up good health habitslow CHDCan Male and Female Qualities Affect Your HealthMales more focused on agency self than communion othersbetter healthCardiovascular Reactivity Hostility and CHDAngerCHD predictor of survival trigger for HAHostilityhigh levels of proinflammatory cytokinesmetabolic syndrome CHDCynical hostility suspiciousness resentment frequent anger distrustDo not properly use social supportMore conflictgreater riskHostilitydefensivenessgreatest cardiovascular reactivity to stressWho is hostile
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