PSYC 3170 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: Psychological Intervention, Stress Management, Patient Education

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24 Apr 2012

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Chapter 11 Notes: Management of Chronic Illness
60 percent have; 80 elders have; 1/3 young adults have;
Common among low income; common in women; aboriginals;
Self-management: involvement of the patient in all aspects of a chronic illness and its
implications, including medical management, changes in social and vocational roles, and
Quality of life: has several components, specifically physical functioning, psychological
status, social functioning, and disease or treatment related symptomology
o Perceptions important of ones life
o Impteus to study come from psych factors
o Chronic=anxiety and depressions so important to see quality
o Stress excrabates effects of most illnesses
o How much the disease and illness is interfering with their activities of daily living
such as sleeping, eating, going to work, etc.
One way in understanding how chronic illness can impact life is by examining how the
quality of life of people living with chronic disease or condition compares with that of
the general population
o Establishing quality of life population from norms in each country and compare
to individuals with illness
o Candian highest; men higher
Quality of life my fluctuate depending on the characteristics o the illness, acute changes
in symptoms, age related changes in health over time
o Diseases such a MS are progressive and may rapidly decline the quality of life
Why study quality of life?
1. Documentation of exactly how illness effects vocational, social, and personal activities
and well as general activities of daily living provide and important basis for interventions
to improve quality of life
2. Measures can help pinpoint which problems are likely to emerge for patients with
diseases and be helpful in anticipating the interventions that are required
3. Assess impact of treatments on quality of life
4. Quality of life information can be sued to compare therapies
5. Quality of life information can inform decision makers about care that will maximize
long-term survival with the highest quality of life possible
6. Present of multiple chronic physical or mental health conditions
Many people live with multiple chronic pain and treatment is only for one specific kind
(having multiple diseases has an additive impact on life; mos target one)
o ½ arthritis or high bp; 1/3 diabetes or heart
Emotional responses to chronic illness?
After chronic disorder diagnosed: patient can be in a state of crisis marked by social,
physical, and psychological
o This phase then passes and develop a sense of how the chronic illness will alter
their lives
o These problems then fall it daily physical, vocational and psychological
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