PSYC 3170 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Health Care In Canada, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant

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20 Sep 2012

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Long waits, insensitivity, apparently faulty diagnoses and treatments that have no effect are the stuff of these indignant stories. This chapter will talk about the following issues. 2) the nature of the patient-provider communication and the factors that erode it. 3) consequences of poor communication, including noncompliance with treatment and use of alternative health care. Finally, the efforts to improve patient provider communication. Refer to physician as provider because canadians receive their primary care from individuals other than physicians too like nurse practitioner etc. Also should be able to explain origins of disorders. Even if not a nurse practitioner, nurses have an important role in medicine as they give treatment instructions and screen patients before they see the doctor. Np can work with or without a collaboration of a physician. Physicians supervise physician assistant, this role was introduced to overcome the shortage of physicians.