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Neural Basis of Behavior: Ch 1

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PSYC 3250
Pauline Charlton

Ch 1 Introduction Animism the idea that everything that we do is done bc animating spirits told us to do it The mindbody question consists of dualism the mind and body are separate the body is made of matter the mind is not and monism the universe consists of matter and energy where the mind is just a creation of the nervous system Understanding human consciousness a physiological approach Consciousness are things that we are aware of this can change based on the structure or chemicals in the brain Blindsight Is the idea that things dont need to enter our consciousness to effect our behavior There are two types of visions that all mammals have primitive vision controls eye movement and mammalian vision our ability to perceive the world around us with blindsight the mammalian system is damaged however our primitive system which has connections with parts of the brain that control hand movement are not damaged Split brains During an epileptic seizure one side of the brain creates an overactivity and it is transmitted over to the other side through the corpus callosum Once a split brain operation is done the two cerebral hemispheres which receive information from opposite sides of the body operate independently If the left hemisphere is damaged people are not able to bring things to their consciousness even if they are aware what has happened since the left hemisphere controls for speech someone that holds and smells a flower with their right nostril cannot identify it since the left hemisphere is not responsible for smell but it is for speech whereas if they smelt it with the left nostril they can identify the flower if it is presented to them cannot consciously be aware of the flower but knows unconsciously that it is indeed a flower Unilateral neglect Is due to damage of the cortex of the parietal lobe part of the right side of the brainit is a failure to notice things located on a persons left
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