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Neural Basis of Behavior: Ch 3

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PSYC 3250
Pauline Charlton

Ch 3 structure of the nervous system Basic features of the nervous system neuroaxis divides the brain and spinal cord into halves into an imaginary line Anteriorrostral is front toward beak posteriorcaudal is the back towards the tailVentral surface which faces the ground dorsal part which faces upright back of head Superior on top inferior below Lateral going toward the side from midline medial coming toward midline Ipsilateral structures of same side of the body contralateral structures on opposite side of the body 3 ways of cutting the brain horizontal coronalfrontal and sagittal An overview Brain is covered by a skull spinal cord by vertebrate columns PNS consist of spinal nerves cranial nerves and peripheral ganglia The brain takes 20 of the blood from the heart 1 sec wout blood will use all of the O 6 2sec leads to unconsciousness and following that can lead to permanent damage Meninges Dura mater outermost hard layer if flexible but not stretchable Arachnoid membrane middle layer and is soft and spongy Subarachnoid space is bw the arachnoid and pia mater is filled w cerebrospinal fluid Pia mater contains surface blood vessels The ventricular system and production of CSFThe CSFluid is used to reduce the weight of the brain to 80git is also used to reduce shock caused by head movement Ventricles found around the brain and contain the CSF
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