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Neural Basis of Behavior: Ch 4

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PSYC 3250
Pauline Charlton

Ch 4 psychopharmacology Is the study of effects of drugs on the nervous system and on behavior A drug is an exogenous chemical not necessary for normal cellular functioning that alters the function of cells in the body when taken in low doses Drug effects changes that we can observe sites of action where the drug interact w our bodies molecules Principals of psychopharmacologyPharmacokineticsPharmacokinetics is refered to the movement of a drug once it enters into the body until the pt when it is excreted or metabolizedRoutes of Administration Intravenous injection IV an injection of a drug into a vein fastest route Drug can reach the brain win a few seconds this is a problem since if an animal is sensitive to the drug there is little time to administer a counteractive drug Intraperitoneal injection IP injected through the abdominal peritoneal cavity space around the stomach intestines and liver most common injection route for animalsIntramuscular injection IM injection into a large muscle like a thigh butt or arm drugged is absorbed into the bloodstream from the capillaries Subcutaneous injection SC injection into the space beneath the skin large amounts of this type of injection can be painful this is also used for very slow and prolonged absorption Oral administration most common for humans some things cant be given this way cause stomach acids can destroy it or wouldnt be absorbed by the digestive system ie InsulinSublingual administration placing a drug beneath the tongue drug is absorbed by the mucous membrane to get into the bloodstream ex Nitroglycerine Intrarectal administration rarely used on animals drugs must be in the form of suppositories are mostly used when a drug can upset a persons stomach
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