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Neural Basis of Behavior: Ch 11

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York University
PSYC 3250
Pauline Charlton

Emotion Emotions as response patterns3 components to an emotional response behavioral autonomic and hormonal Behaviour muscle movement elicited by the emotion Autonomic allows quick mobilization of energy for vigorous movement sympathetic branch increases Hormonal allows an increase blood flow to muscles and converts nutrients into glucose Fear Research with animals Amygdala found within the temporal lobe and has 12 different nuclei regions only need to know 3 regions found belowLateral nucleus LA receives info from all areas in the neocortex and sends information to the basal nucleus BLA and B send info to the central nucleus CE which projects onto the hypothalamus midbrain pons and medulla areas which are responsible for expression Activation of the CE is what elicits the emotional response of behavioral autonomic and hormonal Emotional responses provoked by aversive stimuli elicits an expression using only the CE and the Fos protein created thereDamage to the CE will demonstrate than animals will not elicits much fear and blood levels of stress are lower Stimulation of the central amygdala will elicit fear and agitation in an animal and long term stimulation will create stressinduced illnesses ie Ulcers Harmful effects of stress maybe due to the central nucleus Loud unexpected noise approach of large animals height or specific sounds and odors automatically activate the central amygdala once an animal has conditioned a stimulus with being threatening they will proceed cautiously and avoid the fear
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