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Neural Basis of Behavior: Ch 16

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PSYC 3250
Pauline Charlton

Schizophrenia Description When someone says they feel sczic they actually mean they are having mixed feelings Has 3 symptoms ve ve and cognitive Thought disorder type of ve disorder which includes irrational thinking is the most important symptom of sczDelusions beliefs that are obviously contrary to factpersecutory someone is plotting against you grandeur or control believing someone is controlling you Hallucinations both auditory and olfactory smelling poison gas types are common Cognitive symptoms similar to ve but include low psychomotor speed not being able to perform movements of hands or legs quickly learning problems problem solving deficits ve symptoms followed by the cognitive are the first types of emerge whereas ve come years later Heritability People can have a unexpressed schizophrenic gene and is triggered based on environmental influence No scz gene has been found yetThe paternal fathers age increases the offspring is more likely to develop scz caused by mutations of the spermocytes which divide every 16 days after puberty Both mutations and epigenetic mechanisms during fetal growth can develop scz Epigenetic used for control the expression of genes and are infulenced by things in the environment like toxins decreased expression of reelin may play a factor in sczEnvironmental factors can also change the formation of the ncRNA can create problems in the expression of genes as well
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