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Chapter 3

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PSYC 3260
Norman Park

Chapter 3 PerceptionPerception is a dynamic processIn everyday perception we are usually moving or watching something in progress therefore our perception is always changing due to distance or experiencesFor example grapping a cup of coffee in various positions on the tablePerception IsThe process of recognizing organizing and interpreting information from sensesNot an exact copy of the worldBased on our past experience andexpectationsOverview Sensation and PerceptionEnergy contains information about the worldusually incomplete full of noise and distortedAccessory structure modifies energyReceptor transduces energy into a neural responseSensory nerve transmits the coded activity to the central nervous systemThalamus processes and relays the neural responseRelayed to specialized areas of the cortex Perception of the world is createdThe Complexity of PerceptionBottomup processingPerception may start with the sensesIncoming raw dataEnergy registering on receptorsTopdown processingPerception may start with the brainPersons knowledge experience expectationsApproaches to Understand PerceptionDirect perception theoriesBottomup processing Perception comes from stimuli in the environmentParts are identified and put together and then recognition occurs
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