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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Short term and working memory.docx

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PSYC 3260
Norman Park

Chapter 5 ShortTerm and Working MemorySome Questions to ConsiderWhy can we remember a telephone number long enough to place a call but then we forget it almost immediately Is there a way to increase the ability to remember things that have just happenedDo we use the same memory system to remember things we have seen and heardIs there a relationship between memory capacity and intelligenceWhat Is MemoryMemory processes involved in retaining retrieving and using information about stimuli images events ideas and skills after the original information is no longer presentModal Model of MemoryAtkinson and Shiffrin 1968Computer as a model for human cognitionMemory is an integrated system that processes informationAcquire store and retrieve informationComponents of memory do not act in isolationMemory has a limited capacityLimited spaceLimited resourcesLimited timeCaption Flow diagram for Atkinson and Shiffrins 1968 model of memory This model which is described in the text is called the modal model because of the huge influence it has had on memory researchControl processes active processes that can be controlled by the personRehearsalStrategies used to make a stimulus more memorableStrategies of attention
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