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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Long-term memory structure.docx

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PSYC 3260
Norman Park

Chapter 6 LongTerm Memory StructureSome Questions to ConsiderHow does damage to the brain affect the ability to remember what has happened in the past and the ability to form new memories of ongoing experiencesHow are memories of personal experiences like what you did last summer different from memories for facts like state capitolsHow do the different types of memory interact in our everyday experience How has memory loss been depicted in popular filmsLongTerm MemoryArchive of information about past events and knowledge learnedWorks closely with working memoryStorage stretches from a few moments ago to as far back as one can rememberMore recent memories are more detailedkorsakoffs syndromecondition caused by prolonged deficiency of vitiman B1Result of chronic alcoholismUnable to form new longterm memoriesAnterograde amnesiaDouble DissociationFunctioning STM but cannot form new LTMsClive WearingHMPoor STM but functioning LTMKFCaption A double dissociation for STM and LTMSerial PositionMurdoch 1962Read stimulus list write down all words rememberedSerial Position Curve
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