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Chapter 7

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PSYC 3260
Norman Park

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Storing Information in LTMEncoding acquiring information and transforming it into memoryMaintenance rehearsaloMaintains information but does not transfer it to LTMElaborative rehearsaloTransfers information to LTMLevels of Processing TheoryMemory depends on how information is encodedDepth of processingShallow processing little attention to meaning poor memoryDeep processing close attention to meaning good memoryBeware of Circular ReasoningWhich task causes deeper processingUsing a word in a sentenceDeciding how useful an object might be on a desert islandCan empirically measure the memory trace in each conditionConclude that stronger memory trace must have been caused by deeper processingBut depth of processing has not been defined independently of memory performance Therefore this is circular reasoningOther Factors that Aid EncodingImageryCreating connections cues for rememberingSelfreference effect Generation effectOrganizing toberemembered informationTestingOrganization Comprehension and MemoryBransfordJohnson 1972Presented participants with difficulttocomprehend information
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