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Chapter 9

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York University
PSYC 3260
Norman Park

Chapter 9 knowledgeKnowledgeConcept mental representation used for a variety of cognitive functionsCategorization is the process by which things are placed into groups called categoriesWhy Categories Are UsefulHelp to understand individual cases not previously encounteredPointers to knowledgeCategories provide a wealth of general information about an itemAllow us to identify the special characteristics of a particular itemDefinitional Approach to CategorizationDetermine category membership based on whether the object meets the definition of the categoryDoes not work wellNot all members of everyday categories have the same defining featuresFamily resemblanceThings in a category resemble one another in a number of waysThe Prototype ApproachPrototypetypicalAn abstract representation of the typical member of a categoryCharacteristic features that describe what members of that concept are likeAn average of category members encountered in the past Contains the most salient features True of most instances of that categoryHighprototypicality category member closely resembles category prototypeTypical memberFor category birdrobinLowprototypicality category member does not closely resemble category prototype
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