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Chapter 10

Chap 10- visual imagery.docx

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PSYC 3260
Norman Park

Chap 10 visual imageryWhat Is ImageryMental imagery experiencing a sensory impression in the absence of sensory inputVisual imagery seeing in the absence of a visual stimulusVisual Imagery Is UsefulProvides a way of thinking that adds another dimension to purely verbal techniquesEarly Ideas about ImageryImagelessthought debateIs thinking possible without imagesHow do we move furniture or pack suitcasesImagery provide a way of thinking that adds another dimension to the verbal thinking Imagery and the Cognitive RevolutionDeveloped ways to measure behavior that could be used to infer cognitive processesPairedassociate learningPaivo 1963 showed thatit was easier to remember concrete words than abstract words in paired associate taskPaivio 1963 1965Memory for words that evoke mental images is better than those that do notConceptualpeg hypothesisboat and hatShepard and Meltzer 1971Mental chronometryreaction time as a measurementParticipants mentally rotated one object to see if it matched another objectCaption Stimuli for Shepard and Metzlers 1971 mental rotation experiment Excerpted with permission from Mental Rotation of ThreeDimensional Objects by RN ShepardJ Metzler From Science 171 pp 701703 Fig 1AB Copyright1971 AAASImagery and PerceptionSpatial correspondence between imagery and perceptionMental scanningWe act as if our mental images are physical entitiesScanningAcuityCaption Stimulus for Kosslyns 1973 imaginescanning experimentReprinted from S M Kosslyn Scanning Visual Images Some Structural ImplicationsFrom PerceptionPsychophysics 14 pp 9094 Fig 1 Copyright1973 with permission from the Psychonomic Society PublicationsKosslyn 1973Memorize picture create an image of itIn image move from one part of the picture to another
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