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Psychology and the Law ch 2

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PSYC 3310
Regina Schuller

The Psychology of Police Investigations Police interrogations Confessions are most normally seen as a prosecutors most potent weapon and in some countries a confession is all that is needed to be convicted not in North America tho The 2 goals of police interrogation are to gain info from suspects to further the interrogation but also to try and get a confession Police interrogations which only goal is a confession is very coercive since it is a very intimating spot that a person has to be put in and gives the police certain powers over youAt times to get a confession in the past police have used violence to extract it but now interrogations are more psychological based and use things like false evidence promising lenient treatment and implied threats to loved ones The Mr Big technique Is a noncustodial procedure which happens outside of the interrogation room The idea is that the undercover cops befriend the suspect and pose as a criminal organization the suspect can commit some minor crimes and be rewarded but to become a member and have higher level job the suspect needs to confess to a serious crime that they had committed Reasons for confessing could be that the group has insurance on the person so he could never turn against them or so that Mr Big could make the problems disappear Once a confession is obtained it is used against him in trial By 2004 the technique was used 350 times has a 75 success rate and 95 conviction rate The operation is not considered an entrapment since it is prioritized for a confession of something that happened before the operation was created The reid model of interrogation The Criminal Interrogation and Confessions book is a manual used for criminal interrogation in order to get a confession from someone using the Reid Model
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