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Psychology and the Law ch 4

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York University
PSYC 3310
Regina Schuller

Ch 4 Eyewitness Testimony Eyewitness Testimony the role of memory Suspect someone who may or may not have committed the crime a culprit the guilty person who indeed committed the crime Memory includes the encoding stage first perceiving the details and stimuli of the environment followed by the storage in the STMLTM and then the retrieval of the memory Memory retrieval is divided into 2 types of memory recall memory reporting details of a previous event or person recognition memory determining if something or someone being viewed is the same as what was previously seen How do we study eyewitness issuesCan be studied using archival data examining police at a crime scene or interviewing witnesses after police have done their job lab studies are also done The laboratory simulation Participants view a staged crime either on video or in person wout knowing they will be questioned on it after There are many manipulated variables in the study but only 3 dependent variables Independent Variables both can be manipulated in a lab study Estimator Variable things present during the crime and cant change age of suspect if they were intoxicated whether and what type of weapon they had eyewitness accuracy is only estimated w this since it cant be controlled System variables variables that are manipulated to determine the accuracy of the witness lineup procedures or interviewing of the witnessDependent VariablesRecall of the event Recall of culprit
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