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PSYC 3410
Michael Luther

NATURALISTIC BIOCENTRIC PSYCHOLOGY NAME METHOD INFO BOOKS UNEP p205 Key of Global We are on an unsustainable path Environ Outlook UNEP= UN Environment Program J. Diamond Same message by Jared Diamond, collapse of “Collapse” Pg 206 civilizations Due to failure of society to recognize that it is the architect of it own demise. Human relatedness to the natural environment now seen as fundamental to our mental health & survival e.g. Easter Island now unlivable Edwards O Founder of Otherwise known as evolutionary psychology- Wilson sociobiology believed that human relationship & the natural world and social behavior are rooted in history of evolution Wilson & The Kellert Biophilia Hypothesis Dawkins Altruism Human altruism with strict evolutionary model Wilson Altruism Saw altruism as a group imperative not an indv one and family influences altruistic actions more than the species Darwin Saw it as against his survival of the fittest theory of natural selection THE WEB OF  The notion of self & self-boundaries is core to MEANING pg our understanding of the profound distortions 207 of human perception regarding our place in the natural world  Psych discourse has maintained a narrow view of self Social Social constructionists argue that psych & society are construction of reciprocal in shaping cultures web of meaning self pg 206 All psych theorizing & concept of self are cultural artifacts. Heelas & Indigenous - Idealist IP view= Self as subject / world as their Lock psych or psych object ”smile & the world smiles with you” structuralization - Passiones view=Indv as object/world as active Pg 208 subject e.g. when we speak of being “consumed by a sense of dread” - Modified Idealist view=self as in control and conceptualized in terms of externalized agencies(role playing) - Modified Passioanes system=combines self as under control with internalized conceptualizations e.g. location problems in the unconscious WESTERN IND THE SELF AS AGENCY PSYC: pg 209 Configuration of the Western self = peculiar & variable Become preoccupied with the inner private self & left the communal origins. Become focused on self as agency- idea of internalization in the “birth of our modthn selthconsciousness 11 to 15 centuries A.D. concept of “Unity of a single life” developed- Industrialization- Victoria era- Concept of the deep, private, instinct driven & potentially aggressive self Cushman et The Empty Self & The Isolated Mind al Present config of the bounded, masterful self-coming out of WIP’s intellectual & moral heritage of mechanism, domination and rugged individualism. In contrast to dominant cultural & psych opinion that equated mental health with individuality- current conf of self is problematic in that it is an empty self-“ sig absence of community, tradition and shared meaning” - Myth of the isolated mind obstructs the recognition of the intersubjective foundations of psychological life -the self’s alienation from nature severs him/her from the realization of his/her dependence upon the physical environment -ecological psychologists, though, believe that humans are perceptively equipped (hard-wired) to have direct exposure to nature. (Verbeek and de Waal, 2002) Philosopher Evolution of New paradigm in psych esp psychoanalytic theory= Richard Rorty scientific several names= paradigms  Relation model theorizing pg 210  Two person psych  Self in relation  Dyadic systems perspective  Social constructivism  Intersubjectivity theory Keller “To be on one’s own does not necc mean to be out of relation” THE WEB OF NATURE Jeffery Schwartz- ZEN & Mindfulness to interrupt false messages in certain disorders. Suzuki & Dressel See human on molecular level as part of the wider natural world E.O. Wilson Humans are almost as important as bugs to our survival. We are codependent species Wilson THE BIOPHILIA WILSON- 1st in-depth examination into Biocentricity BOOK by HYPOTHESE BOOK by Wilson & Kellert”The Biophila Hypothesis Wilson pg211 “Biophilia” Biophila pg 212 DEFINITION: Asserts the existence of an innate human capacity for emotional affiliation with other living organisms Biophilia is from an matrix of prepared & counter prepared learning. Ho = human ID, personal fulfillment & coherent existence depend on our relationship to nature. We sometimes destrip parts of nature. Alternatively bio-phobia may be prewired into us e.g.
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