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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 evolutionary psychology

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York University
PSYC 3420
Irwin Silverman

Some things where men might benefit from commitment and marriage include - consent from women, more women to choose from, father-likelihood, survival of children, allies _______is a phase when a female chimpanzee releases her eggs and shows maximal sexual receptivity - estrus the concealment of ovulation in humans caused an adaptive problem for males - whose more likely to reproduce or even capable ___________is the number of children of a given age and sex is likely to have in the future - reproductive value ______differs from reproductive value because it is measured by number of viable offspring produced - fertility Among humans women in ________are at peak fertility - mid 20s A 15 year old has higher _________while a 25 year old is more _________ - reproductive value; fertility Two potentially observable cues to a womans reproductive value would be - youth and health Womans reproductive value decline steadily as she moves past age ________ and is a complete zero at ________- 20; 50 To test if men desire not youth but rather features of women that are associated with repdroducitve value and fertility a study observed - teenage males who would prefer slightly older women Teenage males prefer women ___________and older men prefer women ___________ - older; younger Men desire young women because - youth consistently linked with fertility Age preference of women for older men is _________ - beyond max fertility Beauty is __________ - in the adaptation of the beholder Observable evidence for reproductive value - physical appearance and behavior Clelland Ford and Frank Beach discovered universal cues that correspond with evolutionary theory of beauty - signs of youth, and signs of health Some cues to good health and youth include - hair length, skin, quality, facial femininity, facial symmetery, facial averagness, leg length Meta analyses reveals that ______ is one of the most powerful cues to women’s attractiveness - facial femininity Standards of beauty emerge ___________ - early in life and consistent across cultrues The _________is known to be fundamental reward circuitry a well documented pleasure center of the brain - nucleus accumbens Preference of slim vs plump body build is related to - social status In cultures where food is scarce and in hard times people prefer ________bodies - plump In cultures where food is relatively abundant the relationship between plumpness and status is ________ - reversed A study showed that men preferred women with __________ - average figures ________is an accurate indicator of women’s reproductive status and longterm health status - waist to hip ratio Men find women with ________WHR more attractive - lower BMI is _________correlated with WHR - positively ________rate good looks and physical attractiveness as more important and desirable in a potential mate - men In humans detecting ovulation is _________ - concealed Some aspects that might suggest mens ability to detect when women ovulate include - glowing, lightened skin, higher estrogend, smell nicer, voices rise in pitch, women feel more attractive, higher tips in clubs An increase in estrogen causes _________ making women more attractive and sign of ovulation - lower WHR According to the __________researchers look at samples of married women and ovulation measured by basal body temperature - woman initiated hypothesis ________women became more attractive to men not just during ovulation but throughout ovulatory cycle ____________created adaptive problem for men by decreasing t
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