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Evolutionary Psych Ch 6 Notes.docx

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PSYC 3420
Irwin Silverman

Evolutionary Psych Ch 6 Notes *M&W different reactions to casual sex. Parental Investment Theory (Trivers) – M invest less; more likely pursue ST mating, evolved greater causal sex desire Male ST Mating Benefits Costs • ↑ # offspring; ↑ fitness • ↑ STD risk • Being known as womanizer • ↓ offspring survival;↓ paternal investment/protection • Injuries from husbands, boyfriends, brothers, fathers • Retaliatory affair from wife M’s ST MatingAdaptation Problems • Partner #/Variety o Desire more mates, relax standards, decrease time between intercourse sessions • SexualAccessibility o Direct attention to sexually accessible W o Avoid prudish, inexperienced, conservative, low drive W • Determining Which W Fertile • Avoiding Commitment o Larger W’s commitment; fewer partners she will attract o Shun demanding partners Regret- sorrow about past  Improves future decision making Hooking Up FWB = Friends with Benefits • Spontaneous sexual interaction, without • Friendship with sex, no commitment to relationship/commitment promise romantic relationship • More M try to initiate • M more likely report FWB ST Mating Evidence • Physiological o M Testes Size; sperm competition o Sperm Insemination Variations ↑ ↑  Study: sperm with time between intercourse sessions regardless of masturbation • Psychological o Desire for many partners  Study: M wanted more partners over all time frames; across all cultures  Study: M 37 desires/wk, W 9 desires/wk o Time before Sex- how long knowing one before seeking sex  Average= 5 yrs, M more likely in all time frames o M Lowering Their Standards  Lowering standards = more potential partners o Mate Preference  Seek promiscuous, high drive, experienced for ST  Seek inexperienced, faithful, prudish for LT  Paper Bag Study: asked M if they would remove box covering face, or body for LT vs ST mating.  Results: remove face box for LT, remove body box for ST  **Prioritize body  Not found in W, W prioritize face for LT & ST o Minimize Commitment Post Sex;  Study: experienced M showed ↓ attraction to mate after sex  Hasty postcopulatary departures o Closing Time Phenomena- seeing opposite sex more attractive as night comes to close ↑  Study: M&W attraction judgement toward closing time. M’s overall higher attraction to W.Alcohol consumption independent o Fantasy & Drive Gender Differences  M: more partners, more switching, group sex, more strangers  W: 58% fantasies around someone they know. *Emotions & personality*  Study: M higher sex drive, masturbation, porn consump, o Sex Regret  Study: M regret sexual omission, W regret sexual commission  **facilitates acting on future sex opportunities, avoiding commitments • Behavioural o ExttramaritalAffairs  Study: 50% M, 26% W affair o Prostitution  Study: 69% US M used prostitute o Hooking up/FWB  M construe relationship as FWB, W think FWB leads to LT relationship *F orgasm draws sperm into uterus; ↑ conception probability W Retain More Sperm When: • Orgasming • Having affair;Affair timed with fertile ovulation phase Paternity Confusion Hypothesis- M offer some investment on chance child is theres
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