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Evolutionary Psych Ch 4 Notes.docx

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York University
PSYC 3420
Irwin Silverman

Evolutionary Psych Ch 4 Notes Gametes- mature reproductive cells Zygote = fertilized gamete  M have smaller gametes **F don’t always invest more, ex. Sea horses 2 Predictions from Parental Investment & Sexual Selection (Trivers) 1. Sex investing more is choosier 2. Sex investing less is more competitive for other sex *preference changes over time; W also gauge future potential *Intelligence predictor of income & occupation status *hard work predictor of past & future income/promotions *TES causes broader lower jaw, strong brow ridge, pronounced cheekbones **W prefer masculine looking faces regardless of menstrual cycle point** Love fMRI Study • Looked @ people in love’s brain • Caudate Nucleus & Ventral TegmentalAreas (DOPAproducing areas) Willingness to Invest Study (Guy with a baby picture) • 5 conditions: (1)man standing alone. (2) man smiling/interacting with baby. (3) man ignoring baby cry. (4) man & child facing forward. (5) man vacuuming rug. • Results: Man smiling/interacting with baby most attractive as partner, man vacuuming least attractive • **when done in reverse; only W showed this preference, didn’t matter for M if W was with baby or not Interest in Baby Faces Study • M photographed looking @ infants faces. Looked @ degree to which men preferred looking @ baby faces • Results: W accurately knew men’s interest by looking @ picture of their face. M perceived as liking infant faces more attractive as partner Homogamy- people prefer those who are similar W’s Mate Preferences • Economic Resources • Good Financial Prospects o **Universal o Study: US W value $ 2x more (shown from 1939-1985) o Study: US W expect @ least 70 percentile for $ o Folklore Study: F characters emphasized wealth/status o *also present in modern times • High Social Status o Universal cue for resource control o Hierarchies universal • Older Men ↑ ↑ o age = wealth accumulation o Average: 3.5yrs older o ↑ age = ↑ strength • Ambition & Industriousness o Hard workers achieve higher education, status, higher salaries o W value this more o W evolved preference for men with ability signs • Dependability & Stability o M&W have same preference for dependability/stability o Signals constant resource supply • Height &Athletic Prowess o Seen throughout animal kingdom o Offers physical protection o W prefer muscular, V shaped torso + broad shoulders relative to hips o W accurately estimate shoulder to hip ratio from man’s voice • Good Health Symmetry & Masculinity o Developmental stability- keeping symmetrical through stressors o Facially symmetrical people score higher for: physiological, psychological, emotional health o Small positive correlation between physical attractiveness & facial symmetry o Healthy males can afford to produce high TES o Study: W asked to judge healthiest face & most masculine face. Both results showed similar face preferences • Love Commitment o Love experienced worldwide o Love signals commitment
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