PSYC 3420 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Casual Sex, Wicket-Keeper, Libido

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24 Apr 2012
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Chapter 6 evolutionary psychology
Short term sexual strategies:
o Men would accept 75% of time, more likely if attractive
o For women they would if status or emotional side to the sex
o For women 24% if attractive; 82% men
Theories of men’s short term mating:
o Adaptive benefits for men of short term mating:
Trivers parental investment shows men have more casual ; no investment
Reproductive benefits of man are direct- more offspring likelihood
More success in more partners than more children per partner
o Potential costs of short term mating:
1. Disease 2. Womanizer rep 3. Lack of investment-no success
4. Violence of jealousy 5. Violence due to father or sons 6. Costly divorce
Selection favored these
o Box 6.1 176
o Adaptive problems men must solve when pursuing short terms:
Problem of partner number or variety:
Desire for sexual access to large number
Relaxation of standards men might impose for short termers
Propose minimum time constraints- little time elapse before seeking
Problem of sexual accessibility:
Advantage for ppl who targeted sexually accessible women
Adaptations such as preferences as not being prude,
inexperiences,conservatme, low in drive,
Clothes signaling openness desired, suggest accessibility
Problem of identifying which are fertile:
Prefer cues of fertility- highest probability of preg during one act
Long term mates might be predicted to prefer younger b.c. Of repro
value; fertility is now now now
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Doesn’t guarantee 2 preference of selection (r/f) for younger but that
we can make hyps n test em
Problem of avoiding commitment:
Avoid women who demand; strategy of women to lure for long term
Evidence for an evolved short term mating psychology:
o Physiological evidence for short term mating:
Adaptation in our psychology, anatomy, physiology, and behaviour reflect
prior selection
Testicle size:
Evolve as consequence of sperm competition; selection pressure to
more sperm-in number
Far greater than of gorillas ; relative to body .018, .4 orang; .079
human males
Must have had sex with few men in few days- unlikely unless
Chimp-.269 3x human men
Gorlia 1; human 1.1;baboon 8; bonobo chimp 9; common chimp 13
Variations in sperm insemination:
Men’s count went up with time since last sex encounter increasingly
100% time together 389 mil; 5% together 712 mill
Increases when others might be in the tract; didn’t depend on his
activity; greater chance when separated
o Psychological evidence for short term mating:
Desire for a variety of sex partners:
Lust-secures the desire for more partners
Larger % of men and women in cross cultures study:
o Men show desire of more than 1 partner over next month
o Norwegian-equality; 2 partners over next yr; men 7
o Norwegian-over next thirty: women 5 ; men 24
Largest sex diff: to wish to have sex with whomever they wanted
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Men 37 x per wk; woman avg 9x
Men wanted more than women in all cases cross culturally
Time elapsed before seeking intercourse:
5 yrs both would; men exceeded women in shorter interval
One wk- men are positive of consent; women not
One hour- men disinclined; women impossible
Greater likelihood to consent earlier is adaptive to elapsed time issue
Men-greater willingness to engage in sexual intercourse across all
conditions compared with women
Men lower standards for casual sex; easy access more desirable for
short term
Lowering of standards in short term mating:
Age intell, personality, status to exclude the potential mates from
Relaxed standards ensure more eligible players
College men accept age range 4 yrs wider than do women for
temporary liaison
Men at this age willing to go to 16 and 28 in range for a partner;
women prefer men at least 18 and no older than 26
Men lower standards 41/61 characteristics as desirable in mates
For brief- men require low levels of charm, athletic, ed, generous,
honest, independent, kind, intellectual, loyal, humor, sociable,
wealthy, responsible, spon, stable emo
Mate preferences:
Like b4 dislike prude conservative low drive
Value experience, promisc, drive,
Prioritize bodies; cues to fertility
For short term; study show they wanted body over face
Women chose face in both
Minimizing commitment after sex:
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