PSYC 3420 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Sexual Jealousy, Parental Investment, Limiting Factor

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Chapter 10 evolutionary psychology: aggression and warfare, aggression as a solution to adaptive problems, coopt the resources of others: Stockpile resources for reproduction, such as land, water, food, weapons. Group or individual level; physical force, bullying, threats, male coalitions, spoils of wars through aggression: defend against attack: Impeding survival and reproduction; harm to mates, kin, children. Status and reputation may decline due to abuse, honor, \ Same sex rivals vying for same resources. Ranges from verbal to killing; make others less desirable to women: negotiate status and power hierarchies: Increase status by ritual fights; admired and feared. Can result in status decrement; sensitive to social contexts: deter rivals from future aggression: Don"t steal from mafia guy: deter long-term mates from sexual infidelity: Women cite jealousy of other men consorting them as battering cause: context specificity of aggression: Aggression highly specific, triggered in places where ancestors confronted adaptive problems and got benefits as result of aggression.