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Chapter 1-5

PSYC 3430 Chapter 1-5: 3430 Research Paper Scoring Rubric - Out of 35

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PSYC 3430
Peter K Papadogiannis

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Research Assignment Handout
I. Group Formation and Structure (15 marks) R GE I ST
☐ Norm development
☐ Group development – i.e., growth and change of the group over
☐ Social support – i.e., types of support
☐ Group communication networks
☐ Collaboration between group members
II. Conflict (15 marks) R GE I ST
☐ Sources of conflict
☐ Managing conflict
☐ Social dilemmas – self-serving vs. group interest
☐ Competition & conflict
☐ Gender differences in dealing and resolving conflict
III. Leadership (15 marks) R GE I ST
☐ Personality qualities relevant to leadership
☐ Task vs. Relationship Leadership – i.e., when is each important
☐ Leadership Styles
☐ Gender differences in Leadership
☐ Use of power tactics
V. APA FORMAT (2.5 marks) ST
☐ General APA throughout /0.5
☐ Title Page /0.5
☐ Headings /0.5
☐ In-text references /0.5
☐ Reference list /0.5
Introduction - Give an overview of the study. For example, the purpose of the research
assignment is to … Also, indicate the detailed composition of your group (age, gender, etc.) /1
Conclusion - Summarize what you have found through your group experience and research. /1
As well, indicate what are the key areas that may improve performance in the future for this
The research assignment is marked out of 35 total marks and is worth 30% of the total grade.
R: research/ GE: group experience/ I: integration/ ST: subtotal
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