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Chapter 8

behaviour in groups ch. 8

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York University
PSYC 3430
Peter K Papadogiannis

1Chapter 8 Behaviour in groups y Power y Obedience to authorityRussellfundamental concept in social science is powerDifficult to define yet suggests influence control over outcomesCan make someone do thing they wouldnt necessarily do usuallyPotential to influence that is not actually put into practicerooted in inequalitiesPower is a group level processSocial powercommonplace process that shape nearly all group interactions o The milgram experimentsStudied 3 man groups volunteer experimenter confederatelate 40sExperimenter was self assured assigned tasks and issued ordersTeacher memorize pairingLearner receive shocks if they got it wrongBogus shock machine up to 450 v severe danger xxxAt 300 levels they began to protest you must go on essential experiments require please continueExtremely realistic situationo Milgrams findingsVery fewof the participants would carry out the experimenters ordersPredicted most would oust by 150v none believed 450v65 administered full 450vNone broke off before 300v levelFelt unable to resist the experimenters demands for obedienceNearly 1000 ppl in series of replicationsHarm versus rights y Few disobeyed wondered if they realized what was actually happening 2y Cues of screaming and refusal to be in the study didnt reduce level of obedience seen in initial studyy 625 participants obeyed the 450v level y Those who did disobey seemed to respond more to learners demand to be released than to his suffering y Those who passed 150v usually continued until 450v y Heart problem condition even so even after non response from the learner at 330v 65 continued administered shocks to the 450v levelProximity and surveillance effects y Most averted eyes and expressed discomfort y In proximity conditionsame roomobedience dropped to 40 y Touch proximity condition150v 30 obeyed y Low surveillance condition experimenter in different room ordering 25 stopped as the learner insisted on release y 20 were obedient to the 450 v level even lied to experimenterPrestige and legitimacy y On Yale campus Yale scientist given legitimacy y Office building conditionaway from Yale clean officeobedience dropped to 48 y Ordinary man variationrecording shock levels new guy was one to give instruction obedience dropped to 20 68 stood by and watched the confederate except one man y Authority as victim conditionexperimenter tended to be the learnershocks up to 150v confederate shouted to go on participant released experimenter obedience to ordinary guy was 0Group effects y Obedience rather than conformity group itself may be secondary source of power
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