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Chapter 11

behaviour in groups ch. 11

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PSYC 3430
Peter K Papadogiannis

1Chapter 11 Behaviour in Groups y Decision Making y Groups and decisions the functional perspectiveGroups better at choosing problem solving accurate perceptionProblems of high magnitude can overwhelm more correct solutionsGroups do take longer thoughFunctional theory of group decision makingskilled decision making groups are more likely to make use of group procedures better resultsSee 112 for following steps o OrientationBegins with problem needing a solution decision making processCheck progress feedback identify new goalsOrganize procedure it will use clarify goals identify resources neededShould by end of the phase understand purpose procedures tasks to undertakeProactively influence events so that their expectations are affirmedDefining the problem y Shared mental modelcognitive schema organizing declarative and procedural info pertaining to problem and the group y Ppl may have differing views experiences used in making decision y The model emphasizes agreementadopting same concepts of task goal procedures choices reflect preferences not biasesPlanning process y Delaying discussion of issue until group reviews clarifiesy Sometimes the planning is the difference in success or none y More satisfaction productive performance time management helped y Viewed negatively though begin rather than plan is usual y Antiplanning bias stems from using past methods now o DiscussionGather info needed bales more than 50 are opinions suggestions orientations agree disagree clarify communication peaksCollective info approachassumes ppl seek out and process relevant info but they do this cognitive work during group discussion choices judgmentsHelp inmemory for infoinfo exchangethorough processed infoCollective memory y Collective memoryshared reservoir of info help in members memories y Remember more than individuals more memories different types info y Pooling for decisions
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