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Chapter 3

PSYC 3480 Chapter 3: Psych of Women - Chapter 3

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York University
PSYC 3480

Chapter 3 Gender SelfConcept (self concept refers to how we perceive ourselves positive vs. negative; gender selfconcept refers to how we perceive ourselves regarding our gender) o Gender Identity ones selfdefinition as female or male (gender identity does (cis) or does not (trans) match their reproductive organs) o Transgender gender identity inconsistent with their reproductive organs o Gender attitudes beliefs about the appropriate traits, interests, behaviours, and roles of males and females o Although most peoples gender identity is consistent with their anatomy, that does not imply a connection between gender identity and genderrelated attitudes A person can feel that she is female but have masculine typed traits o A persons genderrelated attributes are not linked to their sexual orientation Prenatal Development o Prenatal sex differentiation the biological processes that influence the making of ones physical sex o Biological sex is multidimensional defined by ones chromosomes, hormones, reproductive organs, and brain organization Stages of Prenatal Sex Differentiation Chromosomes o Sex chromosomes contain the genetic material that begins the process of sex differentiation o XX female (one from each parent), XY male (x from mother, y from father) Gonads and Hormones th o 6 week Y chromosome, directs the previously undifferentiated gonadal tissue to develop into testes, the male sex glands (boys) o 12 week previously undifferentiated tissue develops into ovaries (girls) o Once the gonads develop, the remaining process of sex differentiation is regulated by the sex hormones o Male sex hormones androgens o Female sex hormones estrogens
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