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Chapter 8

PSYC 3480 Chapter 8: Psych of Women - Chapter 8

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PSYC 3480

Chapter 8 Friendships in Adolescence o Starting in childhood and throughout life, a persons closest friends tend to be people of the same gender o Starting in early adolescence, girls report greater satisfaction with their samegender friendships than do boys, they also report higher levels of affection nurturance, trust, security, and closeness o Intimacy the sharing of thoughts and feelings with someone else is a key characteristic of adolescent friendships, especially girls o Girls tend to have close, intimate, oneonone friendships characterized by self disclosure and emotional support o Boys are more likely to have larger, less intimate friendship groups that focus on shared group activities o 95 of middleclass white girls reported competition as an aspect of their friendships, whereas only 38 of lowincome girls of colour did so Friendship in adulthood o Womens friendships, as in adolescence, are more intimate and emotionally supportive than mens o Women and men achieve closeness with their friends somewhat differently o Women are described as operating face to face by sharing thoughts and feelings o Men develop closeness side by side by sharing activities o Emotional support is a particularly important quality of sexual minorities friendships as well o The reinforcement and empathy that are part of close relationships in this family of choice can help sexual minorities cope with prejudice from the broader society and support the development of a positive sexual identity o How can one account for gender differences in emotional intimacy and expressiveness in friendships? Parents are more likely to encourage emotional expression in their daughters and discourage it in their sons Because emotional expression is viewed as a feminine traits and many males think of gay men as having feminine traits, males might associate emotional closeness between males with homosexuality o Crosssex friendships provide each other with insider perspectives and othersex companionship and also sensitize each other to gender differences in communication style o Feminine men have more crosssex friendships than masculine men, and masculine females have more crosssex friendships than feminine females
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