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Chapter 2

PSYC 3480 Chapter 2: Psych of Women - Chapter 2

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PSYC 3480

Chapter 2 The Content of Gender Stereotypes o Gender stereotypes widely shared beliefs about the attributes of females and males o Communion personality characteristics associated with women sympathy, kindness, and warmth reflects concern about other people females more caring o Agency instrumental traits associated with men achievement orientation, ambitiousness concern about accomplishing tasks o Why did these stereotypes come about? Men historically have been the ones who went to work, always been employed, relatively recently that women joined the workforce, women have been expected to reproduce and take care of the home o Males have internalized this notion that there is the expectation that they should provide o Stereotypes are also cognitive constructs o Stereotypes constructed by what we perceive and how we process what we perceive o How do stereotypes favour males over females? o Gender stereotypes are our beliefs about male and female characteristics (cognitive processes + perception) o Prejudice negative attitude or emotion toward the disadvantaged group o Discrimination biased behaviour toward a person because they belong to a particular group (e.g. biased behaviour toward females because they are female) o Stereotypes lay the foundation for prejudice and discrimination o As women have gained status in Western Culture in the last few decades, they have increasingly been viewed as having stereotypically masculine traits o The typical women is no longer considered to be less logical, direct, ambitious, or objective than the typical man or to have greater difficulty in making decisions or separating ideas from feelings o The attributes comprising male stereotypes are more highly regarded in North American society and are more consistent with a powerful image and higher status o Gender stereotypes are the first indication of the power imbalance (one of the themes) o Gender stereotypes are also relevant to the theme of the social construction of gender
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